How Do I Do this?

This is my website, I finally got off my big ass and made it. This will probably result in a new me, I can just sense it! I'm all inspired today so that it seemed like a great time to choose it and put out there for the world to see that i'm in the market to get slim. Anyway I must drop some weight before the holiday seasons so i can actually have fun then

So right now I'm around 5"6 and 165 lbs and so the situation isn't terrible but I've undoubtedly got some work to do. I don't wanna go nuts with eating plans and all sorts of those things so I only need to start reducing litlte amounts of things at any given time. I'll start with chocolate bars. Dammit..

I would try to keep a weight loss journal but I'm terrible at this so I am not even planning to take the time now because ultimately it really annoys me and depresses me which i can't take action therefore i go and eat anything sweet to produce me really feel much better. God that is uncomfortable, I sort of hope noone ever reads this blog.And of course I suffer from my lumpy and bumpy cellulite skin. I held it off bravely for quite a few years the good news is it's eventually got me. I dispise it.. Age has finally caught up to me I suppose, or maybe I truly do weigh a lot I'd want to hear any suggestions for cellulite treatment options. .Anyways wish me luck on my journey, I'll make an effort to update this whenever i can.

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